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Aurora collection with 6 products
Aurora 6 products    
Borough collection with 18 products
Borough 18 products    
Canopy collection with 5 products
Canopy 5 products    
Cask collection with 6 products
Cask 6 products 1  
Epoque collection with 8 products
Epoque 8 products    
Flask collection with 2 products
Flask 2 products    
Gems collection with 9 products
Gems 9 products    
Gio collection with 10 products
Gio 10 products    
Gio Line collection with 11 products
Gio Line 11 products    
Luca collection with 8 products
Luca 8 products    
Moya collection with 11 products
Moya 11 products    
Paddle collection with 5 products
Paddle 5 products    
Vodka collection with 5 products
Vodka 5 products    
Wine collection with 18 products
Wine 18 products    
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The origins of LSA International are found in fashionable swinging sixties London, when Janusz Lubkowski and his wife Ewa were inspired to approach Terence Conran at Habitat with traditional brightly coloured enamelware from their native Poland.

Having established the company with co-founder Tony Saunders, the success of these enamelled coffee ...... Read More